Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have a place to live and I have all my stuff! And I have internet! Finally, things are starting to settle and I'm finally able to really relax. We signed our lease on Tuesdays and the movers were at our door at 8:45 when we arrived...even though they were scheduled for 9:30. I was glad to see them and ready to get our stuff. They had most everything moved in by lunch time. Only a couple of pieces had been broken. One was our dresser and we were able to repair that ourselves. The other was a DVD holder we were ready to get rid of any way. So, all in all, the move went well. Thank goodness! We were only halfway done unpacking by Tuesday night though, so we decided to go back and stay at our hotel room.

Wednesday, Anthony started to work, leaving me with all the boxes. I didn't mind though. I love organizing things so I actually enjoyed unpacking! I went in for my first interview with the schood district. It went well, but at the time, there are no positions. The man that I interviewed with was very kind and even suggested subbing so that I can get my name out at the elementry schools. He even told me to bring the application right to him on Monday and he would get me all taken care of. Hopefully, I will find a job for next year soon. I am not a patient person!

Since Wednesday, we've finished packing the important stuff. There are still about 8 boxes of random stuff from the desk, garage, and closet on the patio that we haven't gotten to and really aren't in a hurry to dig through. We haven't hung anything on the walls yet. But, I have planted a cute flower garden on my patio. This is my first flower garden, so I'm super excited. When I figure out how I will post some pictures.

I celebrated my birthday Thursday. It was great. Anthony wasn't sure how late he would have to work Thursday since he's still doing inprocessing, so Wednesday he took me to pick out an iPod. You see, he decided he needed one about a month ago and was too impatient to wait for one, so he hijacked mine and now carries around my old PINK iPod in his car. And he doesn't mind a bit. He also bought me some new perfume that I had been wanting. My mom and dad sent flowers. And Kimmie sent a book, Married to the Military, that was much needed. And there's more on the way from her!!! I'll post pictures of my presents, flowers, and cake whenever I figure all that out.

So, now that we're settled in our home, I'm looking forward to meeting new people and finding new places in this small town. I'm also anxious to have a job again. I'm anxious to start OUR new life...TOGETHER!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I know, it's been a while. This is the first time in a couple weeks that I have had a computer, internet, and time...all at the same time. I can finally begin to relax now. Everything is coming together. FINALLY! I finished everything up with work and school and am now moved. Almost. But more about that later. My last day at work was Thursday. It was very hard saying goodbye to my kids at school. They all cried, which made me cry. We had a pizza and cupcake party before I left. And my principal was so kind and provided the pizza for us. She did not, however, provide someone to keep my crazy kids under control. It's funny how just a bit of sugar makes them go nuts. It was also hard to say goodbye to my family there at the school. I have been teaching at that school since I graduated college 3 years ago. I also student taught there. So, I was very close to many of the teachers and administration. I hope that wherever I end up with be just as wonderful.

After all my goodbyes on Thursday, I got on the road and headed out to join my husband at our new base. We are in a hotel, or billeting as the Air Force likes to call it. We only have one more day here though. We found a place to live. (Shwew...I was worried my birthday presents would have to be mailed to a box on the side of the road.) We move in tomorrow. The next step, get our stuff back. So, we called this morning to schedule delivery. First we called our new base. We were told that our stuff was not here yet (even though they took it 2 weeks ago and we only moved 150 miles). They said it was back in the metroplex at holding. So, we called that base. They said it wasn't there either. *PANIC* Where is my stuff? So, we called some other lady that had helped us before and she said she would take care of it. About 30 minutes later she called back and said she found it and they would deliver it tomorow! Thank goodness! So, tomorrow we will finally be able to get our life back in order and be able to start to feel like a married couple. I can't wait!