Friday, February 1, 2013

Meet James

I am linking up with Kelly over at Kelly's Korner today for Singles Day. When I first saw that Kelly did a Singles Day, I passed on it because I just knew my brother would kill me. But after it passed, I wished that I had. When I saw she was doing it again, I HAD to do it. I called him and told him about and he was unsure. So, I told him about her successes and sent him the link. And he agreed!

All that to introduce to you, my brother, James.

James is 26 years old and was born and raised a Texas boy, but now lives and works in Washington, D.C. as a budget analyst. He is a compassionate, caring, humorous, God loving man.  He is laid back and likes to have fun. He likes to joke around and make people laugh, but can be serious if he needs to be. He enjoys playing softball and kickball in his free time.

James is the kind of guy that will do anything for those who are in his life. He is the kind of person that you can always count on and will always keep their word. He is a family guy and values his family. He is not just a brother to me, but also a true friend. He is great with kids. He was even asked by friends to be the godfather to their children. 

James (in the red jacket and shorts) with his best friend, friend's wife, and our Mom and Dad

James and I at a wedding

Enjoying the outdoors