Sunday, October 23, 2011


Two weeks ago from today, we had to make the tough decission to say goodbye to Frankie.  This was something that I had dreaded since the vet told us there was a tumor blocking his intestines.  I was so worried about how we would know what to do. 

Growing up, my family had several dogs.  And we lost several dogs.  But we never had to put one down.  Neither Anthony nor I knew how we would manage to do it.  My parents had volunteered to go with us, but they live four hours away.

I prayed many times asking God to just take him when it was time.  I also prayed for guidance and knowledge.  I needed to know when it was time and know that we were doing the right thing.  Our vet told us to think of three things that he loved and when he stopped doing those, that was when.  But that never happened. He was always very playful, cuddly and hungry.

On Thursday, October 7, my parents came in to spend the weekend.  There was no plans or talk of it being time for Frankie.  He was still doing just fine.  But, over the weekend, things started to change.  It was like the tumor had multiplied in size over night.  When we woke up Sunday, even though Frankie was still his old self, it was apparent that the tumor had won the battle and had taken over his intestine.

We waited for my parents to get up and then went to the emergency clinic.  It was quite possibly the hardest choice I have had to make.  I still miss him daily.  I still call his name and times.  And I dream about him every few nights.  But, I know that it was time.  I know that God has hand in it. 

I am very blessed to have such an amazing Mom, Dad and husband  to help me through the past two weeks.