Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy 25th Birthday Anthony!

(Priscilla-I hope Greg doesn't mind I stole his photo)

Today, it's this guy's birthday.  I wish I was there to celbrate with him, or rather he was here.  But, he's not.  So, I sent him a cake in a jar.  It was super easy to prepare.  I use a half pint sized jars and I was able to fill 8.  I think they are the perfect size.  He recieved all of his birthday pacakges on Wednesday.  He was surprised to have 4 packages, all filled with snacks, and lots of beef jerky. 

Anthony, I hope you have a wonderful birthday.  I love you very much!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

9 Weeks Down

We've been at this deployment thing for nine weeks.  We're pretty much (give or take) halfway done! It's honestly not at all what I expected.  I'm stronger than I expected (most days).  When Anthony left for basic (just 10 days after our wedding), I was a wreck.  I cried almost daily.  I was very needy and honestly felt sorry for myself.  I don't feel that way now.  I've only cried a handful of times, mostly when something goes wrong.  I've kept my head up and used this time to grow closer to God.  I think that has been the most important part of this deployment.

I've been blessed that I've been able to stay with my parents most of the time he's been gone.  That will all change in 3 weeks when I have to return to our home to start back to work.  I've absolutely loved that time I've spent at my parents.  I've loved the time I've had with Mom, Dad, and my grandmother.  I've also loved the time I've been able to spend with old friends.  At the same time though, I'm looking forward to being back home.  I'm ready to be in my home, with both my furbabies.  I'm ready to start back to work and be on a routine.  And I'm ready to get back to my friends at home. 

Next weekend, I'm heading out to California to see Kimmie.  I can't wait.  She's already got so many wonderful things planned.  And I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures.  (I won't complain about it being hot though, because atleast it's not 120 and I'm not wearing ABU's all the time.)  After that, two more weeks and then I start back to work.  Wow, time is flying.  And I'm loving it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Old Friends

I just back from having dinner with some old friends.  I've known these girls for over 20 years.  We went through school together, had slumber parties together, participated in Campfire and then Girl Scouts, we cheered together in Junior High and High School and even graduated together.  But that's pretty much where it ended.  We were all different and all went our own ways.  We might see each other here and there but didn't really keep in touch.  Until Facebook. 

We've recently been able to keep up with each other on Facebook.  I've got to see pictures of their children.  I was able to support one (from afar) and and keep her in my prayers while her husband was deployed.  And we've chatted here and there.  When I came back to my parents, I connected with one friend.  The one whose husband had deployed.  We've hung out a few times.  Anyway, a comment on my facebook page about an all school reunion led to the four of us scheduling a dinner at a local Mexican place that we frequented in high school.

I was a little skeptical.  Like I said, we all went our own ways and were different.  We hadn't talked in years.  Would it be akward?

It was wonderful.  We met at 6:30 and stayed until after they closed.  Then we stood in the street and chatted some more.  It was like we never stopped being friends.  It's so interesting how each of our lives have developed and changed and grown up.   But mostly, it was just so neat that we could pick up where we left off.  In my opinion, those are real friends.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Blog Design

Come out of Google Reader and check out my new blog design. 

Brittney over at Sue Bell Blog Design has started designing blogs and gave away a few free ones.  I have been following her blog, as she is also an Air Force Firefighter's wife.  I was so excited when I found out she would be redesign my blog.  It needed it as I hadn't done anything to it since Kimmie desided to redo my header and signature over a year ago.

She did such a fantastic job and has been very patient with me since I didn't really know what I wanted.  Go over and check out Brittney's blog design page, Sue Bell Blog Design

Thanks Brittney!  I love it!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Finally Time!

Nope, Anthony's not home yet.  And I still have 17 days until I see Kimmie.  Almost as good though, it's time for cheap school supplies!!!  (yeah, I know, I'm lame, but I don't care)

Every year in the middle of July, I start searching the sales ads on Sundays.  I check Target, Wal Mart, Staples, Office Depot and Office Max.  I  knew it was getting close to that time.  I started with Target's ad.  They had a few things, but no really supper deals.  Next, Office Depot.  No school supplies yet.  Understandable, it's still 5 weeks until school starts.  Then, I decided to check Staples' ad.  School supplies!!!  I called up a friend who is a teacher and today we headed to Staples.   I came home with all of this...

50 Folders with Pockets and Brads
400 pencils
8 Bic ball point pens
2 Notebooks
5 Packs of notebook paper
3 Packs of Post it notes in fun shapes
1 Pack of 5 hilighters
3 Packs of 4 glue sticks

Want to guess how much all of this was?

$16 and some change!!!

I saved over $75!!!

This is why I love shopping for school supplies!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Fun

Oh, how I love summer.  I love the free time I have to just enjoy life, have fun, and do as I please.

I've been sleeping until atleast 10, unless I have something to do.  I've gone shopping way too many times to count.  And I've spent lots of time with old friends and my family. 

Tuesday I went to see my friend Ashleigh and her new house.  We went to downtown Grapevine for some shopping and wine tasting at a local winery.  Since I've moved, we don't talk near as much as we used to (we used to work and live together), so it was great to just sit and catch up.  After tasting several wines, we headed out to do some more shopping.  Then we went out to dinner at Uncle Julio's.  I love how you can just pick up where you left off with a good friend.
Trying on sunglasses for fun. 

The rest of the week has spent advoiding painting.  Wednesday I shopping with Mom for a chair for their living room.  (That chair is now my favorite place to sit.)  Thursday we cleaned in the garage.  And we moved furniture from my Dad's old office.  Today, I did some more shopping (all for my classroom) and then saw Toy Story 3 with Mom. 
Look at the fun 3D glasses!

I had high hopes for Toy Story 3 and was really excited to see it.  While the story line was good and it had some cute parts, overall, I wasn't really that impressed.  I was more sad.  When I go to see a kids' movie, I don't expect to be sad the whole movie.  Did any of you see it?  What did you think?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sorry about the pity party last post.  I am doing much better now.  I have realized that God would not have given me this life, the life of a military wife, if he did not think I could handle it.  I know that with Him, I can handle it, and so much more.

Yesterday, my brother and his best friend flew home to the D.C. area.  His best friend's girlfriend was flying to California.  It was hard.  It was hard watching two moms say goodbye to their sons.  It was hard seeing a young girl having to say goodbye to her Marine boyfriend.  But God gave me strength. 

Last night, my grandmother was stung by a wasp.  She has gotten stung before and had a serious local reaction.  I went over and stayed with her and watched as the reaction slowly spread.  After 4 hours, I finally convinced her that we needed to go to the ER for a shot of cortisone to help with the itching and swelling.  And I was the one who took her.  I am terrified of hospitals, especially the ER.  But again, God gave me strength.

I know that although I may have my week moments, I can always find strength in God.

Today, I am off to see a good friend of mine.  We have been friends since pre school (23 years ago, although she wasn't very nice then).  We lived together through college and 2 years after.  And we taught at the same school for 3 years.  We were always pretty much inseperable.  I am looking forward to some catching up and some fun!  And seeing her new home.

Monday, July 5, 2010


(4th of July 2009)

Today was a hard day.  I  know it is supposed to be a day to celebrate the freedom of our country.  But, how do you celebrate when your husband is currently deployed?  I couldn't get past the men and women who have lost their lives fighting for freedom, for us and for others.  I couldn't get past those who have, are or will risk their lives to fight for freedom, and experience things I can't even imagine.  I couldn't get past those who have been injured while serving this country.  I couldn't get past the families that remain at home, seperated from the one they love most.  And more than anything, I couldn't get past the fact that Anthony was not here.  I guess you could say I was bitter (even selfish) that I have to sacrifice my husband for four months.  (I realize it's only 4 months, and I could be 18 months, or forever, but that doesn't make 4 months any easier.)

Then, late tonight I recieved a message on my Facebook wall.  It said "Thanks to Anthony for the job he is doing and thanks to you for the sacrifices you have as well.  I appreciate him!"  My heart swelled with pride.  I am proud of my Airman.  I am proud of him for serving our country and for the sacrifices he is making.  I am proud to be an Air Force wife.
(graduating tech school)

As I go to bed tonight, I am no longer bitter. I am proud.