Monday, July 5, 2010


(4th of July 2009)

Today was a hard day.  I  know it is supposed to be a day to celebrate the freedom of our country.  But, how do you celebrate when your husband is currently deployed?  I couldn't get past the men and women who have lost their lives fighting for freedom, for us and for others.  I couldn't get past those who have, are or will risk their lives to fight for freedom, and experience things I can't even imagine.  I couldn't get past those who have been injured while serving this country.  I couldn't get past the families that remain at home, seperated from the one they love most.  And more than anything, I couldn't get past the fact that Anthony was not here.  I guess you could say I was bitter (even selfish) that I have to sacrifice my husband for four months.  (I realize it's only 4 months, and I could be 18 months, or forever, but that doesn't make 4 months any easier.)

Then, late tonight I recieved a message on my Facebook wall.  It said "Thanks to Anthony for the job he is doing and thanks to you for the sacrifices you have as well.  I appreciate him!"  My heart swelled with pride.  I am proud of my Airman.  I am proud of him for serving our country and for the sacrifices he is making.  I am proud to be an Air Force wife.
(graduating tech school)

As I go to bed tonight, I am no longer bitter. I am proud.


*kimmie* said...

I'm proud of YOU too! I thought of you guys as I barely made it through God Bless the USA with thousands of other people on the bay. Very touching moment, but you two were definitely at the top of my thoughts. Love you!

chambanachik said...

I dealt with this last year, and I guess it's what made this year so much more special. The best part of deployments is that they have an ending, right? :)