Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Grade Fun

We are finally really into the swing of things in first grade and I'm loving it!  The kids have matured so much from last year which makes them even more lovable.  Honestly, there is not child that I do not love.  There's not even really one big problem child.  I can't pick a favorite.  It is great.  They are a great group of kids.  They've learned so much already and I love that feeling.  I love knowing that I've already taught them something.

That being said, I thought I'd share some of our funnies.

-One student tells me "He told me he was going to kill me."  So, I asked that student if he said that.  His response, "Yes, but I said I was sorry."  (I love how they think sorry should fix every problem.)
-We are standing outside for dismissal, it's 85 degrees outside, one student has on his heavy winter jacket, complete with fur lined hood.  It took 5 minutes to convince him to take it off so he didn't have a heat stroke.
-Yesterday I wore a short beaded necklace.  One little boy raised his hand and said, "Mrs. J, can you take that necklace off?  It is going to choke you."
-During lunch, one of the students gets in trouble for running.  Then another student tattles that the student in trouble is saying bad words.  Well, if you get in trouble at lunch, you sit out at recess for 10 minutes.  He did his time for running and we were visiting.  I was just going to leave the bad word offense out of it, as I've learned bad words to a first grader are not always really bad words.  But, he told on him self.  What was he saying?  "Penis."
-The students are sitting at their desks doing an assignment.  One of them raises his hand so I go to see what he wants.  He says, "Well....can I sing."  (So totally random)

Oh, how I love what I do.  I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks two years of marriage for Anthony and me.  They have been two amazing years.  They have been filled with many ups and many downs, but no matter what, we've faced them all together.  Through everything, we have continued to grow closer and our relationship has grown stronger.

Since the week is so crazy, we celebrated yesterday.  We started the day out with watching the Cowboys beat the Texans.  Next we did a little shopping.  We concluded with dinner at this wonderful local steakhouse that we both love and rarely get to visit.  It was a wonderful day.  I am so happy he was home and we were able to celebrate together.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am very excited that it is officially fall.  Although, I would be even more excited if it wasn't 85-90 degrees every day, but atleast it's not 100 like 2 weeks ago!  Here are some things I'm looking forward to now that fall is here:

Fall Scents

I love scents that have anything cinnamon.  One that I found that I loved last year is Leaves from Bath and Body Works.  Tonight, the house smells of Autumn Sunset from Scentsy.


What's not to love about a great scarf?  I love the little extra color a scarf can give to an outfit.  This particular scarf is from Old Navy. 


While I love wearing sandals and flip flops, I like to put on a good pair of boots.  These are some Gianni Bini's I've fallen in love with this year.  I think they'd be really cute over a pair of jeans with a sweater.

Our Anniversary

And best of all, on Monday, we will be celebrating 2 years as husband and wife!  I'm so happy to have him home on our anniversary.

So, I want to know, what are you looking forward to this fall?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Amazing Friends

This post is about two months late, but life has been a bit crazy.   

While Anthony was deployed, God showed me just how blessed with amazing friends I am.  Just before Anthony's birthday, I sent out his address to a few friends of ours, asking them to send Anthony a birthday card.  Since he'd be spending his birthday away from family, I wanted to make it as special as possible from afar. 

I never expected for so much love from Kimmie and her family (although I really should have, they are very amazing women).  They sent ALL of this!

And Kimmie's mom even had friends from work send birthday cards too. 

So, to Kimmie and your family, "THANK YOU!"  This was such a loving and generous guesture.  It seriously brought tears to my eyes knowing you all are so kind.  I love you all and am so blessed to have you all in my life!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Homecoming

As I posted earlier this week, Anthony came home on Saturday, almost a week early.  Mom and Dad came out Friday night and stayed long enough for him to land and to take us to lunch, then headed home.  I was happy to have Mom around to help keep me calm.  I was so excited.  He flew in to the local airport and he was the only military member on the flight.  The fire station chief, his supervisor and a coworker and his wife came to the airport.  I can not explain the feeling I felt waiting for him to get off the plane.  It was like waiting to walk down the isle on our wedding day.  I was anxious, nervous, relieved, and excited. 
Waiting anxiously

He's finally here!!!

When I finally got to see him I just burst out in tears.  I kept my emotions in during most of the deployment in attempt to stay strong.  Finally having him home and in my arms was a huge relief and a weight off my shoulders.  I think the crying freaked him out, he kept asking over and over again if I was okay.

I was really glad to see several of the guys from the station come out for his homecoming.  Kelly and Jon, the couple on the left, were a great help while Anthony was gone.  They watched the house while I was gone, changed out batteries in the smoke detector and many other random things.  His supervisor was a great help when I found out about losing our niece.  He took no time getting started and finding out what needed to be done.

These two guys weren't real sure what to thing about Anthony being home.  I don't think they remembered him.  They've finally warmed up to him though. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Nice Surprise

    All of my readers who are military wives know that the military is full of surprises.  Unfortunately, most of the surprises are not so wonderful.  We usually spend important dates like birthdays and anniversaries alone and we spend holidays away from our biological family.  In the short (almost) 2 years as an Air Force wife, I've learned to hope for the best but to always excpect the worst.  We've been granted leave for an anniversary trip and two days before it has been taken away.  We've made plans to spend Christmas with family only to find out that the extra day off is no longer going to happen.
    So, when our niece unexplectantly passed away, I wasn't the least bit surprised that Anthony wasn't going to make it home.  I was, however, surprised when 2 days later the commander did PT with my husband's squadron and told Anthony he would get him home in the next two weeks.  For the reasons stated above, I didn't count on it.  I had gotten excited and then let down too many times.   Even when he told me he had a specific date, I still would not let myself get excited.  I started cleaning house and getting things taken care of, but I wasn't giddy like I'd expected.  I was beginning to think something was wrong with me, but then I figured out, it was my way of protecting myself.  Thursday, when I heard he was no longer in Iraq, it finally became real and "official."  Friday when he was in the United States, I finally became excited.  He was really coming home (almost a month early).  And, on Saturday, the military provided.  My husband came home!!!
     Thank you Air Force for bring Anthony home early and for showing that you really do care.  Now, I actually get to spend our two year anniversary with my husband home (although he will be working all day). 

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Made It!

     You always hear that when your husband is deployed EVERYTHING that can go wrong will.  I made through months 1 and 2 and almost through month 3 with only two issues.  My whole family had a stomach bug the days before and day of my colonoscopy, including me and the compressor in his car locked up (covered under warranty).  This was a breeze I thought.  I only had a month and a half to go.  That's when our sweet niece passed away and we were bummed to learn he couldn't come home and it was the first week back and work for me.  It was rough and very sad time, but I got through it.  School started and then I got great news, Anthony would be home in a week (more on that later).
    That's when it all began.  That's when the deployment elves I've heard about decided my deployement had been way too easy.  Remember Sunday, I wrote about Sam dragging through a grassy area beside a gas station (trying to block out all the germs).  That was the first "attack" by those elves.  Well, the Friday before that, my left eye had started burning.  I didn't think much of it until Saturday when I couldn't stand to have my contact in.  It was still burning on Monday, so I made an appointment for Tuesday.  Come to find out, I have an ulcer on my cornea.  Who knows how I got it.  I have to use drops for a week and no contacts.  Blah!  Then on Wednesday, Sam really wanted to go play with the neighbor's small dog.  In my attempt to stop him, my hand was drug across a tree trunk resulting in an ugly cut and ugly scratches.  Then on Thursday, Frankie decided to get my lunchbox off the table and have his own lunch.  What did he eat?  A little Mexican chicken casserole, a whole granola bar with almonds and chocolate and some fudge covered oreo halves.  Four to be exact.
    Today is Friday though.  I had a great day at work.  Frankie is doing fine.  And Anthony is in the country!  Deployment elves, you can't get me down!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Being Grateful

A couple weeks ago at church the sermon was about being grateful.  At the time, despite what life had thrown my way, I was grateful for a lot and was in very positive spirits.  On days like today, I am reminded of that sermon.  And I am struggling to be grateful, even though I have SO much to be grateful.  I know it is Satan trying to do his "work" in my life. 

My dog has been acting crazy.  I've came to the conclusion he would much rather live with his grandma so he is acting out.  Then I have the injuries he caused Sunday.  I have an ulcer on my eye.  I can't wear contacts for a week and I look 12 when I wear glasses.  Today, the above mentioned dog decided to drag me around a tree.  Thankfully this time I was not on the ground, but my hand did get nice and scratched up from the tree bark.  I feel like I'm going 90 to nothing trying to get things done around here.  All of that built up and I had a good cry and may have yelled at the dog. 

But later, I realized I was definately overreacting.  God has provided me with SO much and I need to focus on those positives, not the negatives.  I am blessed to have a big dog who will protect me.  I have a wonderful job and I love 1st grade.  While my days have been long, they are a lot easier than they would have been if I was teaching kindergarten.  (thank you Lord for that blessing!).  And, while I am still having to wear my glasses, my husband will come home (earlier than planned)!  God is good!