Friday, September 3, 2010

I Made It!

     You always hear that when your husband is deployed EVERYTHING that can go wrong will.  I made through months 1 and 2 and almost through month 3 with only two issues.  My whole family had a stomach bug the days before and day of my colonoscopy, including me and the compressor in his car locked up (covered under warranty).  This was a breeze I thought.  I only had a month and a half to go.  That's when our sweet niece passed away and we were bummed to learn he couldn't come home and it was the first week back and work for me.  It was rough and very sad time, but I got through it.  School started and then I got great news, Anthony would be home in a week (more on that later).
    That's when it all began.  That's when the deployment elves I've heard about decided my deployement had been way too easy.  Remember Sunday, I wrote about Sam dragging through a grassy area beside a gas station (trying to block out all the germs).  That was the first "attack" by those elves.  Well, the Friday before that, my left eye had started burning.  I didn't think much of it until Saturday when I couldn't stand to have my contact in.  It was still burning on Monday, so I made an appointment for Tuesday.  Come to find out, I have an ulcer on my cornea.  Who knows how I got it.  I have to use drops for a week and no contacts.  Blah!  Then on Wednesday, Sam really wanted to go play with the neighbor's small dog.  In my attempt to stop him, my hand was drug across a tree trunk resulting in an ugly cut and ugly scratches.  Then on Thursday, Frankie decided to get my lunchbox off the table and have his own lunch.  What did he eat?  A little Mexican chicken casserole, a whole granola bar with almonds and chocolate and some fudge covered oreo halves.  Four to be exact.
    Today is Friday though.  I had a great day at work.  Frankie is doing fine.  And Anthony is in the country!  Deployment elves, you can't get me down!!!!

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