Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Being Grateful

A couple weeks ago at church the sermon was about being grateful.  At the time, despite what life had thrown my way, I was grateful for a lot and was in very positive spirits.  On days like today, I am reminded of that sermon.  And I am struggling to be grateful, even though I have SO much to be grateful.  I know it is Satan trying to do his "work" in my life. 

My dog has been acting crazy.  I've came to the conclusion he would much rather live with his grandma so he is acting out.  Then I have the injuries he caused Sunday.  I have an ulcer on my eye.  I can't wear contacts for a week and I look 12 when I wear glasses.  Today, the above mentioned dog decided to drag me around a tree.  Thankfully this time I was not on the ground, but my hand did get nice and scratched up from the tree bark.  I feel like I'm going 90 to nothing trying to get things done around here.  All of that built up and I had a good cry and may have yelled at the dog. 

But later, I realized I was definately overreacting.  God has provided me with SO much and I need to focus on those positives, not the negatives.  I am blessed to have a big dog who will protect me.  I have a wonderful job and I love 1st grade.  While my days have been long, they are a lot easier than they would have been if I was teaching kindergarten.  (thank you Lord for that blessing!).  And, while I am still having to wear my glasses, my husband will come home (earlier than planned)!  God is good!

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