Monday, July 18, 2011

iPad Fun

I am completely loving my summer.  I love sleeping in and not having anything to do.  That all came to a halt last week.  At the beginning of summer, my principal called and asked if I could go to a training in mid July about using technology in the classroom.  She said we needed 5 teachers to go and then we would be able to get a cart of 20 iPads to use in the classroooms in our hall (Kinder and First grade).  I agreed.  The week leading up to this, I was a bit skeptical.  I did not want to wake up at 7 and I didn't want to sit for 7 hours each day.

image from

Monday morning came and the alarm went off.  I drug myself out of bed (just as I did Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday).  And I'm so glad I did.  This was an amazing week of training.  I learned some new tech tips for using the iPad and even the iPhone.  I've gotten to play with a ton of new apps.  But, the real reason I went, I've learned how I can use these bad boys in my classroom and I cannot wait.  What I loved about this week was that we had time to create lessons that we will be able to use with our kids throughout the week that include using the iPad to meet our technology standards.  

I left this training on Friday, full of ideas and excitement.  And I also left wanting my own iPad.  One can wish! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Why I Should Not Schedule a Vacation for the End of the Summer

I am sooooo very excited about our cruise at the end of the month.  It is a much needed vacation for the both of us.  I can't wait to put my feet in the sand, have a drink in my hand and soak in the sun. 

I'm slightly embarassed to admit (but am admitting it anyway) that I am so excited about our vacation that I spend WAY too much time on the computer reading about cruises, looking at pictures of our destinations and the ship, and searching for menus of the food.  As I learn new things, I share them with Anthony (as my mother is tired of hearing all about it...I think she's jealous).  After telling him how excited I am about the food, he informed me that he's worried I'm going to come home fat from this vacation.

Anyway, we've got pretty much everything booked.  We are parasailing again!  We will also be doing a helmet dive and riding miniboats to a small bay area where we can snorkel, lay out or explore.  I can't wait!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Yesterday, one of the guys from the fire station and his wife hosted a BBQ Luau.  Unfortunately, every camera in the house has a dead batter.  Fail!

There were lots of wives there.  Most of them are friends I hang out with, and some were new friends.  We enjoyed hanging out and visiting.  They rented a giant water slide for all of the kids.  It was so funny watching all the kids go around and around.  As soon as they'd get to the bottom of the slide they'd jump out of the water and run around to the ladder.  They grilled burgers and kabobs.  Everyone brought sides and desserts.  There were pina coladas and strawberry margaritas for the women.  The guys spent most of their time in the garage with the beer.  Later in the evening, the kids all roasted marshmallows on the firepit and were covered in chocolate and marshmallow by the time they were done.  Everyone had a great time!

I love nights like these with good friends.  It's nice to just hang out and have fun.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrate Freedom

As is tradition, Anthony was working yesterday so we were not able to watch the fireworks together.  I had pretty much decided I would just stay home and watch the fireworks on TV.  But instead, I was invited to watch fireworks with Priscilla and her family.  Another couple and their two children came as well.  We had a great time!  The kids were so excited about the fireworks that they couldn't sit still or be quiet.  They were so cute.  This was my first time to use my camera at night and to take pictures of fireworks, so I played around with them quite a bit.  They aren't the best, but much better than any I've taken in the past.  And they need to be cropped.

This is Aften and Beau's daughter Charlotte.  She's just two months old and SO cute!  They forgot to bring her stroller, but Priscilla and I didn't mind holding her.

And this is Landon and Zoey. They are such sweet friends and are always excited to see each other!

And the fireworks.

I hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Saying Goodbye

The past couple of weeks have been full of friends and family as I went home to stay with my parents, but I have also had to say goodbye to a  very special man in my life. 

On June 17, my grandad went to spend eternity with our Heavenly Father and with Grandma.  He is pain free, healthy and able to hear again.  And while it brings such peace knowing where he is, I can't help but be a little sad. 

My grandfather was such a neat man.  He served in the Army and the US Army Air Corp.  He later owned and operated a five and dime store for more than 30 years.  Some of my  favorite childhood memories with Grandad were at that store.  In addition to loving his store, he loved to garden.  Even at 90 years old we could find him in the garden from spring until late summer.  He always had watermelon, cantaloupe and tomatoes.  I also remember times when he would have corn, okra and asparagus.  I'm sure there were many other fruits and veggies too. 

These are two pictures of Grandad at his store.  In 2002, the Dallas Morning News ran an article about his store on the front page.  They were kind enough to send these pictures to my cousin after Grandad passed.  I am very thankful to have the pictures as this was Grandads passion.  I am also very thankful to have had the experiences at the store and knowing what a five and dime store is.  This picture is just the front of the store.  He carried everything.  There were things people would drive over an hour to his store because it couldn't be found anywhere else. 

The serviced was the following Monday.  It was a very neat service because the officiate was a church friend of Grandads and knew Grandad on a more personal level.  At the cemetery, Taps was played and the flag was removed from the coffin, folded and given to my mom.  It was very touching. 

Today, as we celebrate our country's independence and remember those who have served and are serving, I remember my Grandad and the time he served our country as well as the stories he told.