Saturday, October 30, 2010


Do you ever get a whiff of someething (good or bad) and you have a flashback? 

I had one of those moments yesterday (and do every other Friday at school).  Every other Friday, our students who haven't missed a day or been tardy or had a behavior problem are rewarded with popcorn.  Since we are a school of 600 + making bags of popcorn isn't logical.  So, they use one of these:

For most people, you might think of a movie theater.  But, I'm reminded of times spent at my grandfather's Five and Dime.  I'm assuming most people my age are not familiar with Five and Dime stores or may have heard for Ben Franklin's.  Now they are almost unheard of.

Anyway, how does this relate to popcorn?  My grandfather had one of these old fashion machines (his was really old fashion) at the front of his store.  When there were events downtown and on the weekends, he would make up some popcorn and sell it for a quarter a bag.  The smell of fresh popped buttered popcorn would fill the store.  I have so many wonderful memories of his store.  When we didn't have school he'd let me "work".  I'd mark items with the price gun.  I'd check people out.  I'd wrap presents.  I loved wrapping presents because it meant I got to make bows with one of these

(picture found here)

I also remember buying school supplies at his store every year.  And on Christmas, he'd give us money to "buy" Christmas presents for all of our family from the store.  His store was around until around 2006 when he was 87 years old.  But, competing with WalMart is just too much for a small local business. 

My grandpa has always been a special man and I cherish my special memories I have with him.  And on Fridays, when I smell the popcorn popping, I can't pass up a bag for myself.  And every Friday, these memories come flooding back and I can't help but smile.


Erin said...

Those are awesome memories! That had to be the coolest when you were a kid!

I left you a blog award at my blog! Stop by to pick it up and pay it forward! :)

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing memories!

I do have smells that take me nostalgic. It's not often that I smell this, but the smell of bubbles and/or a sprinkler spraying on grass and pine trees totally takes me back to when my brother and I would play in the kiddie pool and I'd do leaps through the sprinkler....we were ten years apart, so those memories of when he was still in the early high school years and still wanting to play with me sometimes are so special to me.

That picture of you and your grandpa is precious. Love!