Friday, October 1, 2010

More Adapting

As I face new things as a military wife, I adapt.  I adapted to being hours away from family.  I adapted to this lifestyle.  Then I adapted to the deployment.  And just when I felt I had that all under control, it was time for Anthony to come home.  With him coming home, came more adapting. 

I really wasn't sure what to expect when he came home.  I had heard some people talk about it being hard to give over responsibilities or finances, but I wasn't really worried about this.  Since we started our marriage out apart while he was in basic, I have been responsible for the finances for our whole marriage.  I would be happy to let him take on other responsibilities around the house, especially the dogs.  So, I thought it would be a breeze.  While having home and having to adapt is a heck of alot better than him being gone, I still had to adapt and am still having to adapt.

Here's some adapting I've had to do:
-Cooking dinner for two on a regular basis.  Apparently he doesn't think cheese sticks and crackers are a reasonable dinner or 8:30 is a reasonable time for dinner.  He does help cook though!
-Sharing the remote.  When Anthony is home, I have to share the remote.  I watch most of my shows on DVR.  He doesn't really like Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy.  Thank goodness for the wonderful invention of DVR!
-Sleeping on my side of the bed.  I sure did like sleeping in the middle of the bed all spread out. 
-Laundry.  I can not longer go 10 days without doing laundry.  I rarely can make it a week without the hamper overflowing. 
-No more quiet time.  While Anthony was away, I learned to love the quiet.  At first, this was a hard thing for me to get used to.  After a while, I got to where I would come home from work and just sit for an hour or two without turning on the TV. 

Don't get me wrong, even though things have changed, I am LOVING having him home.  It's so great to have someone to talk with and eat with and just spend time with.  I like this adapting much better than the adapting I had to do when he left 4 months ago.

So, that leaves me wondering, what do you have to adapt to after a deployment?

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SarahEileen said...

Last deployment I had to do A LOT of adapting. We had never lived together before. I had to totally learn how to run a married household. I had to cook and go grocery shopping and do tons of laundry and clean. I also had to relinquish control of my beloved television remote. When he is gone, I become waaaay too engrossed in my tv shows.

Really, I had to relearn how to be in a partnership. For 14 months I only had me to take care of on a daily basis (aside from the dog, of course). It was hard for me to learn that I needed to consider my husband's opinion on things and discuss things with him before I did them. I had sorta gotten too independent while he was gone.

Hopefully things will be easier after this next one. I think I learned some valuable lessons last time. :)