Wednesday, October 20, 2010


As a military wife, I often get frustrated with the life that we have.  I hate that my husband works on the weekends and holidays, we don't get to see our family frequently, and we can never really make plans.  But lately I've been thinking about how the military life has actually blessed us and our marriage.  As a military family, we have learned to cherish things that most people take for granted.

I cherish every day I spend with my husband, for I don't get to spend every day with him.  I am perfectly content sitting beside him on the couch while he watches football.

I cherish every kiss hello, goodbye, and goodnight, for some times I only kiss him goodbye and there is no hello.  There is no goodnight.

I cherish my friends because while away from my biological family, they are my family.  I can count on them for anything at anytime.

I cherish the opportunity to do his laundry and to cook dinner for two because it means that he is actually home and not deployed.

I cherish the holidays we have together, because some years he might have to work on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I cherish my family and the chances I have to visit them.  I don't dread going to visit our families like so many people.  I actually look forward to every minute with them.

What has the military made you cherish more?


Jessica Lynn said...

That was beautifully written.

tootie said...

Well said - so true!

JG said...

So true! It definitely makes me value my time on the phone with my family back home more. Sometimes. :) I still don't like it when they forget the time difference, but hey, it's family!

Megan said...

I never thought that I would miss washing all of those uniforms, but now that hubby is delpoyed I would do it in a heartbeat! In some ways, deployment and separations are a blessing in disguise. :]