Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How Dogs are Like Children

Sometimes I find myself wondering if having children would be easier than having the two dogs we have.   I've heard people say having a dog is great preparation for having kids.  So, I've been thinking about how dogs are like children.

-They have to go to the bathroom and they can't independently do that. 
-They need attention and love.
-You have to remember to feed them.
-You have to plan what you are doing around your dogs.  Sure, I can leave them home by themselves for a while during the day, but planning an overnight trip is hard.
-They make messes.  And don't clean them up.
-They get expensive.  Grooming, shots, food (80lb dogs eat a lot), toys, repairing holes in the carpet...
-Even when you get mad at them, they can give you a look and melt  your heart.
-They make the house feel not so lonely.
-No matter what, they will always love you.


Priscilla said...

They are a lot like kids, except they don't cry and talk back!!! haha!!

SLM said...

So true!! I love it!!

d.a.r. said...

I love this!