Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why I Teach

Last week I did some venting about my frustrations of teaching.  There was a particular student I was really struggling with.  I knew something wasn't right.  I could tell by the way he acted in my room.  I couldn't nail it, but I just had this gut feeling.  I sent him to visit with the counselor and I nailed it right on.  While he's not physically abused or neglected, he's emotionally neglected.  I'm not going to go into details, I will just say that he doesn't get the love I feel every child should.

Now, he's not the only child in my room this year, or any of the four years that I've taught in the past, that I've known is missing out on love.  I've always been at schools where the families are economically disadvantages.  While it's heartbreaking and emotionally draining, I have no doubt that's where God wants me right now.  I know that he puts each of the 18-22 kids in my class each year for a reason.  Every day when we have our moment in silence, I pray that He will help me to love these children the way they need to be loved.  That's usually all I can manage to get try having a 60 second moment of silence with 20 six year olds.  Closing my eyes or bowing my head is out of the question!

Anyway, that being said, one particular thing this child doesn't get at home is hugs.  So, I have made it my point to make sure he gets those hugs.    Today when it was time for him to go home, he came up, gave me a hug around my neck and told me he loves me.  While he doesn't feel love at home, he feels it in my classroom.   And I am reminded what my purpose is.  God is good!


Erin said...

Don't I know it...

In my 5th year now. Thanks to the military, I've taught in 3 states and have 3 credentials. Glad to find another teacher/milspouse!

Good luck with this student, I hope he's able to renew his hope/faith in adults with you this year!

Goodnight moon said...

That totally breaks my heart!!!!! It is so sad to see children who aren't getting the love and support at home. It obviously affects them (and as it should). Every child needs love, attention, hugs and to be told how awesome they are on a daily basis!

Good thing you listened to yourself and sent him to the counselor! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Having been one of those kids it's nice to know there are people out there who notice and care and do something about it.