Monday, July 19, 2010

Old Friends

I just back from having dinner with some old friends.  I've known these girls for over 20 years.  We went through school together, had slumber parties together, participated in Campfire and then Girl Scouts, we cheered together in Junior High and High School and even graduated together.  But that's pretty much where it ended.  We were all different and all went our own ways.  We might see each other here and there but didn't really keep in touch.  Until Facebook. 

We've recently been able to keep up with each other on Facebook.  I've got to see pictures of their children.  I was able to support one (from afar) and and keep her in my prayers while her husband was deployed.  And we've chatted here and there.  When I came back to my parents, I connected with one friend.  The one whose husband had deployed.  We've hung out a few times.  Anyway, a comment on my facebook page about an all school reunion led to the four of us scheduling a dinner at a local Mexican place that we frequented in high school.

I was a little skeptical.  Like I said, we all went our own ways and were different.  We hadn't talked in years.  Would it be akward?

It was wonderful.  We met at 6:30 and stayed until after they closed.  Then we stood in the street and chatted some more.  It was like we never stopped being friends.  It's so interesting how each of our lives have developed and changed and grown up.   But mostly, it was just so neat that we could pick up where we left off.  In my opinion, those are real friends.


AF Recruiters Wife said...

sounds like a wonderful evening! Sounds like great friends!

Brittney Galloway said...

Hey there, I'm new to you blog! I loved reading about your mini reunion with your friends! I think I would be worried about the awkwardness too!