Friday, February 5, 2010

Brown Stuff

I know I talk about my kindergarteners a lot, but they are kind of my life right now.  And pretty much the only think interesting enough to write about.

It's been a crazy week.  Monday was the 100th day of school (only 77 to go).  I've had tons of sickness going around the room, including the ear infection and stomach bug that they shared with me.  Thursday, 2 threw up, one was because he was truely sick, the other, because he cried so hard because I changed his color after he put a child in a headlock.  So, by 2:30, I was pretty much done.  I was sitting in the floor, working on folders and my kids were working at their tables, when a kid goes "What's that brown stuff on the floor?"  Oh dear.  Brown stuff in the floor, it's got to be poop.  I can't handle poop.  Especially on the floor.  Eww.  I look.  It resembles chocolate milk. 

"What do you have in your backpack?' I asked.  He stares back blankly.  "Do you have chocolate milk in your backpack?"

"Yeaaaahhh," he replied quietly.  The last time he was around chocolate milk when I wouldn't have noticed him smuggling it was breakfast, 7 hours ago. 

"Is that from breakfast this morning?" I don't know why I even asked.  It had to be from breakfast.

"No.  It's from last week."  EWWWW!

Oh my goodness.  I open his backpack and start goign through it.  I take out his folder and his library book and the 3 books I sent home over a month ago.  There's stuff in there from before Christmas.   Not only was there one chocolate milk carton, there was another one.  And a carton of juice.  I was not cleaning it.  I wasn't sending him on the bus with a backpack of soured milk and I wasn't having a sour milk smelling backpack in my room every day.  With the exception of those things I took out, I threw the backpack in the trash. 

Don't worry, I got him a new backpack.   And I gave a lesson on saving milk.


Anonymous said...

oh my! how did his parents not notice that? Thank goodness you have the weekend to recover.

Nuge and CJ said...

Seriously, how did his folks not see that? My mom would take out my folder and whatever else was in my backpack every day to make sure she wasn't missing anything. That's weird...and disgusting!