Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 In Review

I have done a terrible job at blogging this year, but it has been a year full of change. I want to take some time to recap the year because I enjoy looking back at things.

January-Gran was told her cancer had spread to her liver. She went home to be with our Lord on January 22nd.

April-Celebrated my 28th birthday. This was a hard birthday as I really missed my Gran.

May-threw my first baby shower for my good friend, Priscilla. I think we did a great job! I Interviewed for a 1st grade position with a district I really wanted to be a part of. Told those that I worked with that I probably would not be returning. That was hard.

June-Was officially offered and accepted the first grade position. Began packing up our apartment. Was on call for the birth of baby Owen. I was all ready to put on my big girl panties and support a good friend since her husband was away. My services were not needed.

July-Had my 4th sinus surgery. Helped one of my best friends welcome her husband home from overseas.

August-Loaded up our things and moved home. We had to say goodbye to some very good friends. I started my new job and loved it! We signed a contract on a house. It will be finished in March 2013!

September-Anthony moved home with me. We moved into our rental house. Anthony started his new job.

October-Helped throw a wedding shower for my cousin. October 6th was Anthony's last official day in the Air Force.

November-Celebrated Thanksgiving with Anthony's family. Went to my cousin's wedding in Arkansas.

December-the foundation was poured on our house and the building began. We had a white Christmas.

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Priscilla said...

Busy year for you guys!!! Thanks for everything you did for me and Landon. You were always there to help and talk to!!!! I appreciate it and miss you lots.