Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The biggest change

In my opinion, the change that has affected me the most has been leaving behind my wonderful friends and family.

I'll start with one of my closest friends. We met in pre-k (she was very mean to me then) and have been friends ever since. We spent our first year of college in seperate towns, but ended up going to our parent's every weekend so we could hang out. From there, we moved to the metroplex together and started our new journey to adulthood. We lived together, took classes together, and eventually even worked retail together. Then after each of us graduated, we even taught at the same school, all while still living together. We were basically attached at the hip and if one of us was missing, someone was always asking where the other was. Even when I moved in with my husband, we were still only 8 minutes apart. So, I hate that I can't see her any time I want. Going from seeing her throughout the day, almost everyday, to only seeing her maybe once a month stinks!

Then there's Kimmie. I think Kimmie and I were seperated at birth and reunnited 4 years ago. She shares many of my intrests(shopping, shoes, and food) and has many of the same personality traits I have (energetic, sporatic, anally organized). We've hung out at least once a week together for the past several years. This spring, we spent every Monday watching the bachelor. I just don't know how I can watch this season with out her and her baking. And my shopping trips just aren't the same either. Shopping with men is no fun! I miss my Kimmie HUGE!

I miss my family alot too, especially my mom. As I said in my mother's day post, she is like a best friend to me. As I grew to be an adult, I began to confide in my mom and realized I could even go to her for advice. She supports me in everything I do and is always there for me if I need her. I love going shopping with my mom. We always have fun together. I miss getting to see her once or twice a month. I look forward to her getting to come and visit this summer!

With the change of moving away from those I love, it leaves me feeling kind of empty. (Caution:Downer moment ahead!) I'm really struggling right now with not having friends here. I'm a pretty personable person, but I just don't know how to meet people. I know it will get easier when I start working, but that's not until late August. It especially stinks since Anthony works 24 hours at a time and I'm all alone. I want girlfriends to hang out with and watch chick flicks and make silly jokes and go shopping or to go on other adventures!

Any advice on how to make friends when PSCing?

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*kimmie* said...

Aww, don't make me cry!

You could stop by the local strip joint, I'm sure it's full of girls. I can't guarantee the quality though. =)

Love you and miss you!