Friday, May 29, 2009

Nothing Exciting

I have nothing exciting to blog about; however, I'm bored and it's been a week since I've blogged so blogging sounds like fun. In case you haven't noticed, my blog got madeover. Kimmie was tired of my boring blog and took my blog hostage. When she returned it, this is what I found. I love the picture at the top. I find that it is a good depiction of my family. Anthony, however, being the character that he is, said that he does not wear a pilot's hat (or whatever the military term is) and that's an officer in the picture and he's not an officer. I don't care what he thinks though, and I know Kimmie's learned to ignore him. I love it though. What a great friend I have!

Nothing new going on here. Waiting, semi-patiently, to hear back from any school about any position. My resume has been sent to about 10 schools now. I'm kind of frustrated that I haven't heard anything. It sure seems like I should look good on paper. I mean, I have 3 years experience, I am ESL certified, I'm working on my masters. All sounds good to me. I mean, I can't show my bubbly personality and my passion for kids on paper, you have to meet me for that. I don't know what more to do. I've even been subbing and introducing myself to all the principals in hope they will see my personality and dedication. Nothing. *Sigh* I guess God's trying to teach me patience. It is still early to get hired as a teacher.

Anyway...subbing's been interesting. A 4th grader called me wierd the other day. When I asked why, he said that wierd meant different and I was a different kind of sub. I was different. I expected them to show me respect and I actually taught them. The poor kid, I knew he meant it as a compliment, but all his classmates told him he was rude. So, we had to have a talk about choosing our words. I taught kindergarten on Wednesday. I was excited about this, but I knew it would be tough. Boy was it. Five year olds are very demanding. I wanted to badly to lay down and take a nap during nap time, but I figured that wouldn't be appropriate. I only have 2 more days of subbing, both for the same 3rd grade class, on the last two days of school. Boy will that be fun.


*kimmie* said...

Tell Anthony that I can take the hat off, but the hair I had to choose from was AWFUL. I was doing him a favor. =) You're welcome, Anthony.

What teacher takes off the last two days?

Ellen and Bill said...

Bill loves Keagan's blue eyes too. He is part Siamese. They have totally bonded. He is still in isolation due to a parasite, but that is being treated. He went from being scared to all over the place in one day. He now has full run of the master bath and our bedroom.

Now I need to get the little tabby to fatten up so I can haul them off to the SPCA. They have to be 2 pounds.

jlc said...

LOVE the new layout... i actually found your blog via kimmie and love it cause i can so relate!!

my husband and will have to start living a separated life once he comes back home from his deployment.

ABW said...

This will be me by the end of this week, looking for a job and hoping for the best! Good luck!