Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Poor Dog

Before we were married, we inherited a Shitzu, Frankie, from my husband's mom. She had gotten him three years earlier and could no longer keep him due to where she was living. I had always wanted a fluffy little dog so I was happy. Since adopting him, we have grown real close. He has kept me company through Anthony's being away for training. He's a pretty good dog most of the time and he's super sweet.

The one draw back...he was never neutered. It was no problem at first. We always are outside with him when he goes outside and he doesn't play with other dogs. Well, he started becoming slightly more "territorial" as we moved into our new apartment when we got married. Then, when we moved this past time, it got real bad. It was like he wanted everyone to know that EVERYTHING in this apartment was his. Well, we got tired of that real fast and Monday he was neuter. I felt awful taking him and worried about him all day. We even bought him a new toy to make up for what we had done to him. When he got home, he looked so pitiful. This is what we saw for 2 days...

I'm glad to report that now, he's doing much better. He runs around everywhere with this cow in his mouth. He'll even give me kisses now. So hopefully, he will continue to recover well and the problem will be fixed.

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