Saturday, June 20, 2009

Help please!

I do most of my grocery shopping at the commisary. It's close by. The prices are good. The produce is fresh. And they even carry my groceries to the car. But, that's where the problem arises. How much do I tip the guy or girl that carries out my groceries? Do I tip if they only bag my groceries, but I carry them out? How much do I tip then? There should really be some kind of guide posted at the register or by the door. That would make my life so much more simple. Please help!


d.a.r. said...

I go through the self-checkout because having to tip the baggers irks me to no end. I am super picky about how my stuff is bagged, as well :)

But, my general rule was always at least a dollar, and then usually 25-50 cents per bag after that. So usually I'd just hand then $2-4.

Nelly said...

I usually tip 3 dollars or go for the early bird shopping. Don't know about other commissaries but ours opens at 0730 am.

It is hilarious that sometimes they only put one or two items into a bag LOL

Alicia R. Camp said...

Meg I understand your problem. Tipping here in the UK is a strange bird. You don't have to tip anyone but then when do you? So I got my nails done and didn't know what to do! I like your sign idea! At home I always tip $1 to $3 depending on how many groceries I have. If they only bag, then no tip in my book. Hope that helps. Sorry was on holiday so didn't read this when you wrote it. Check out my blog when you can and you can see what I have been up too! :-) Alicia Miss you!

Jaime said...

love this post. it cracked me up! i'm a $2 tipper, unless it a really huge event of cleaning products/detergents/dog food, etc... then i splurge with $3. and for some reason, i ALWAYS tip the old men at least $3... they're just so cute!