Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Wonderful Chef

Anthony was reading through my blogs the other day when he realized that there were no blogs about him. He thought that he needed a blog about here it is.

I was very pleased to come home from work on Wednesday to find that he had already started preparing for dinner. He had marinated both shrimp and chicken. I tried to get pictures of him doing this, but he didn't have a hat and he didn't want my readers to see him with bad hair.*
He made grilled mojito lime shrimp and baja citrus chicken. It was amazing! I made rice and green beans to go with it. It was such a wonderful dinner! I'm very lucky to have a husband that loves to cook and is good at it.

Here's Anthony grilling my wonderful meal.

Here's our wonderful meal.

Aren't I a lucky woman?

*I can't get it to leave a space here and it's driving me crazy!


Ellen and Bill said...

Sometimes you just have to hit the space bar a bunch to make it work. I had the same problem.

We now have 2 kittens! Bill talked me into a second one. The SPCA wouldn't take her anyway because she was too little. But Keagan rules the house now. He chases the big cats.

Alicia R. Camp said...

Girl! That looks great! Can you believe I am going to have to cook for TWO men now??? Maybe Anthony can give me some tips! lol