Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meet Sam

Meet Sampson...Sam for short. Sam is our new boxer and my protector.

We picked him up today. Anthony has been wanting his own "manly" dog since before we moved. I kept pushing it off until I would be able to be home during the day. So, now that it's summer, it was time for a dog. He's so happy to finally have "his" dog.

Being that it's Anthony's dog, he is requiring that I include all of Sam's aliases in my blog. (Don't ask...I don't know why a dog needs an alias.) So, here it goes...AKA Sammy Sanchez cuz he be in the streets (I don't get it either) AKA Sam the Magnificant AKA Big Paws McGee AKA the boxer formerly known as Speckled Nose

There were three guys to chose from and we chose this guy because of his cute speckled nose.

Now, the fun begins. I have never had a dog of my own to raise as a puppy. Sam has been an outside dog all of his life, but we are keeping him inside. He's so scared of everything. He can't climb up or down the stairs. The poor guy fell down the stairs the first time he tried coming down. So far, he has been very good though. We are crate training him, so he's been in the crate for a bit and hasn't cried at all. I wonder how long the calmness will last.
Any advice on raising a puppy?


d.a.r. said...

Oh goodness, so cute!!!!

Alicia R. Camp said...

He is adorable!!!!! Give him a big kiss on that speckled nose for me!

jlc said...

Raising a puppy?! Awww congrats mama!!! mine's snoring in my bed as i type.... haha! i tried my best to be good and raise him sleeping in the cage.... then all that went out the window when his "daddy" went to war and i needed a new cuddle buddy. haha!

ummmm and we're headed to fort hood/ austin. any suggestions?! i'd LOVE to hear!!