Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reasons I LOVE Teaching

If you've been following me, you know I left my job teaching in April. It was very difficult and both my students and myself shed a few tears. When I returned after school was out to get the things out of my classroom that I had bought, I returned to a stack full of letters and pictures my kids had made for me. There were atleast 50 pages from my kids, as well as 25 cards that they had made with their book buddies. I just now got around to reading them all, partly because I knew it would make me a little sad. They were so cute so I thought I would share a few of them. (I'm going to type them the way they wrote them. Keep in mind they are 2nd grade students, most of who are not native English speakers.)

Dear Mrs. J,
I miss you are you haveing fun in ablen can you come back you were the best techa we yost to have fun and I miss you very mach Pless come back
PS I miss you

Dear Mrs. J,
How are you? is good to be in Avend? are you a tegr? are der sand? I wish you wir her. I am on greein evre day.
A (one of my favorites who knew no English 2 years ago)

Dear Mrs. J,
I miss you but I will see you next time I love you.

Dira Mrs. J,
We mes you we wat you to come bake in or class.
By S (another one who knew no English 2 years ago)

I thought these were all super sweet, and cute. I sure love teaching and the kids I meet. I can't wait to find a job here and meet my new kids!


Nuge and CJ said...

Those are so sweet!!! You really did have a great class.

*kimmie* said...

Dear Mrs. J -

Come to California. Thank you for teaching me how to tell time, it was greatly appreciated.

Kimmie (this is a child who couldn't properly tell time 2 years ago)

Alicia R. Camp said...

Meg i am so glad you enjoyed the cards. Your kids did miss you just as you missed them. I know things will work out great for you. I am actually excited to take a break from teaching for a year! hehehehe Once you have taught for 11 years you might enjoy the holiday! lol
:-), Alicia in ENGLAND!