Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day with friends, family, food, and fireworks! Fireworks have always been my favorite part of the holiday. Growing up, we lived outside the city limits, so we always got to buy small fireworks and would set them off in our road. When I got a little older, my dad started helping with the city show so we would always go watch that sitting not far from the launch site. As I got older, I've missed firework time with the family, but I've made some new memories. I've watched the fireworks in the bay in San Diego and in Tampa Bay. Last year we lit our own fireworks with some old friends and neighbors. This year, I was determined to enjoy a firework show in my new home. But, unfortunately, Anthony is working today (since fires don't take a holiday, neither does Anthony).

I was very excited though when I saw that very small town nearby was having a firework show on the 3rd. We were going. I was determined to see fireworks, so plans were made. We started by cooking out with another couple at their house. After that, we headed out to see fireworks. As we got closer, there was tons of traffic. People were parked on both sides of the highway for a couple miles. Traffic was crawling. We parked next to another couple we knew and prepared for the show. It got dark. We waited and waited. I was a little worried I had drug everyone out to the middle of nowhere in tons of traffic for nothing, but boy was I wrong. It finally started at 10 and it was the most spectacular show I have seen (don't tell Dad). They set up the fireworks to music that played on the radio. The fireworks were constant, with no down time for reloading. they must have had 10 tubes for launching. I tried to capture some pictures, but they don't do them justice (especially with my lack of skills).
I look awful, I know. But I wanted a picture of the two of us.

This evening I'm heading up to the fire station for a family cookout with the fire station family. I'm looking forward to more grilled hamburgers and not having to cook! Hope you're enjoying yourself as much as I am. Happy 4th of July!

*Note: Turns out, I had the menu wrong. We were served steak, grilled corn, stuff jalapenos, beans and deserts. Those firefighters can cook!

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Alicia R. Camp said...

Girl you had a fab 4th, I am jealous. I had fish and chips that made me sick! lol In protest of the 4th here in Britian I wore an American shirt everyday for three days! Some strange person asked me if I was going to celebrate Thanksgiving, was he just very confused or very ahead???? Glad you are getting along so well, and NO you look great in the photo, as always. :-) Alicia