Sunday, July 12, 2009


Unfortunately, mine has already come and gone, but two of my favorite people do have birthdays coming up this month! Anthony's birthday is the 23rd and Kimmie's is the 30th! With their birthdays coming up, the question arises of what to get them each.

Now, of course I won't discuss my thoughts of what to get them, because that would just ruin the surprise. But what I find the most interesting is the differences in each of them when it comes to birthdays. Kimmie's like me. We celebrate birthday months. And we like surprises. That being said, buying for Kimmie is so much fun and I'm having a blast with her gift. Anthony's very different though. He decided that he just wanted the money and would buy all his presents himself. He's ordered them all online already so they will be here in time. I, however, will not let him have them until his birthday because I want the day to be somewhat fun.

So, I'm interested to know, do your husbands/fiancees/boyfriends get excited about birthdays?


*kimmie* said...

Zach didn't get excited about his birthday AT ALL. Now that it's MY birthday month, he's running around saying it's his birthday. Oh no he won't steal my thunder.... =)

d.a.r. said...

My husband kind of ignores his birthday. He acts like a little kid about presents, but the actual day is no big deal for him. He tries REALLY hard on my birthday though because he knows that my birthday is a REALLY big deal to me!!

Nuge and CJ said...

Nuge doesn't really care about his birthday too much, but he does get excited about mine. He always says that I can give him a blade a grass and he'll be happy knowing it was from me. *Gag*