Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday, to my wonderful husband!
Anthony turns 24 today! He had already recieved part of his present a month ago, which was Sam. In addition to Sam, he ordered himself two golf clubs to complete his set. And, I surprised him with a shirt. Real exciting, I know. He was just like a little kid though, couldn't wait to open them this morning.
We've spent the day hanging out together. We watched Grand Torino in bed this morning. Then played some Mario Bros. on the Wii. After that, we went bowling (his favorite sport). He had to practice because tomorrow he's getting off work to go bowl in a tournament on base and he hasn't bowled in months. Tonight, we are going with some friends to eat at a Japanese Steakhouse in town.

I had planned to decorate the house for him (I LOVE celebrating birthdays) and cook him breakfast for when he got home from work this morning, but he got off work early! He showed up last night around 7! I was super excited about that, since we only get to sleep in together 2 days every 2 weeks. But, my plan was kind of ruined. I sent him to the golf store with his birthday money from my parents so now I can decorate!
(This is a picture from basic can tell my the haircut.)

Happy Birthday, Anthony! I love you!

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Anthony!! I love celebrating birthdays too.. although they usually turn in to week long celebrations.
That's a great picture of y'all from your wedding day :)