Monday, April 9, 2012

Adapting, Part 2

While life as a military wife hasn't been what I expected, I am so very grateful for what life has been like.

While it was a bit disappointing that military life hasn't even taken us out of the state of Texas, I am glad we have remained a short drive from family throughout these past years. We have lost 2 grandparents, a niece, and a dog. We were very lucky to be able to make the short drive to be with family during these times.

And while making friends was a bit challenging at first, we have made some amazing friends over the years. They are friends that have been there as we have lost loved ones and any time I am in need.

But most importantly, I have grown since we moved here. I have learned to be independent, as Anthony isn't always here. I have learned to deal with the yucky stuff like bugs and car problems, and the more serious harder stuff like cancer and death. I have learned to lean on my husband and to rely on him.

But most importantly, I have learned that I can and will get through it with God by my side.

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