Thursday, December 17, 2009


Things always seem to change with the military.  As a firefighter, Anthony works 24 on 24 off, with 72 off in a row every two weeks.  Basically, he works 72 hours a week.  I've adapted to being home by myself 3 days and nights out of the week though and I think he's got used to working it.  But it really stinks for holidays.  Since fires don't take vacations, neither does he.  And because he's only off 7:30am to 7:30am, we don't get to go home and visit families. 

Well, that being said, I was real excited when they got an extra day off for Christmas.  That meant, he had 72 hours off before Christmas (22-24th to be exact) and 72 hours off after Christmas.  We could spend time with both families.  And celebrate with my family during our tradition Christmas Eve dinner.  I have been looking forward to it for so long.  Well guess what....

Yup, that changed.  Some guys got in trouble and they took away their extra day that they got.  So, I'm kind of really bummed.  I know it's military, and that's how it goes, but ugh!  I was fine when I thought I was going to miss it BEFORE you gave us an extra day.  But then you got me so excited.  Now, I'm so bummed.  I don't get how punishing everyone is going to make a difference.  It's always the same guys that make the bad choices.  Everyone lost their time off.  Except the higher up guys, those that are in charge and responsible for other guys!  How is my husband supposed to keep these guys from drinking and driving?  They already have a number to call to get a ride if you can't drive. 

We're going to make the best of it.  Atleast we're trying to.  What are some things you and your husband do when you can't go be with your family for Christmas?


AF Recruiters Wife said...

Since my husband (and the Air Force) moved us so far away from my family, we have to switch holidays. Luckily he has always been in a job that he got at least one of the weeks around Christmas off. Every other year is "A New Mexico Christmas", and the opposite year is a Missouri Christmas (where his family is from). We set up the tradition, everyone knows it, so there is no fighting among in-laws who gets us each year... this year is Missouri!

Young Mom/Wife said...

My husband works shift (thank you Air Force) and has had to work every single holiday this year. Thankfully, Christmas Day falls on the weekend he is supposed to have off. Our families just know that we aren't traveling anywhere but if they want to share in the holiday joy with us then we don't have a problem having them come down. That is what my parents are doing this year. And his Dad and StepMom are coming here in February.

Brittney said...

So, I found your blog randomly and I have to say I was excited to see another blog by a AF firefighter's wife! My husband and I are at Laughlin AFB, TX right now and move to Beale AFB, CA in March. Anyway, I totally understand how you feel! Their schedule can be annoying sometimes, but I also like it because I know exactly when he'll be off. The holiday K-day thing stinks though - I can't believe they took it away! My husband just had his last week, so he's back at work. Luckily his shift is off on Christmas Day, but Christmas Eve they are having a huge feast at the station. Does the station where you are having a get together or anything? This is our first Christmas without family, so we are just starting our own little traditions that hopefully we will keep in years to come when we have kiddos.

I'm so happy I found your blog! :) Oh, I read your post about the Air Force dinner you went to - my husband calls is voluntold too! It's fun to be voluntold to do things, huh?