Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm moving to Australia

Okay, not really.  But that's what Alexander always said when he had a bad day.

I'm having a bad week.  I'll recap for you and then I'll move past it all and hope for a happy humpday.

1.  Couldn't find my keys for my classroom yesterday.  So I was locked out.
2.  Stepped on my bag in the floor in my classroom.  Rolled my ankle.  Fell to the ground.  And did something funny to my knee.
3.  Drove home from working in freezing drizzle.  Yuck!
4.  Today, Frankie got into the pantry and found Hershey Kisses.  He ate a BUNCH!  Half of the package was missing.  He only weighs 10 pounds.  He got sick.
5.  Frankie hid the kisses around the house for later.  Sam found them.  He too got sick.
6.  Anthony had to clean it all up and wasn't happy with me for leaving the pantry door open and the chocolate on the bottom.
7.  I think I have pink eye or some other eye infection.  My eye hurts.  And looks horrible.
8.   My favorite teacher across the hall is sick.  I sure miss her.
9.  My kids are going CRAZY with indoor recess.  I wish it would be warm in dry for just a few days.
10.  A mother told me she was upset because her son told her that he was getting beat up at school.  And I never called her to talk to her about it.  By the way, he's twice the size (literally) of most of my kids.
11.  I found out my surgery is scheduled for 8am and I have to be there at 7.  Too bad Anthony doesn't get home from work until 8. 

Okay, pity party is over.  Tomorrow is a new day.  And only 7 more work days until Christmas break (and surgery).  Then I get to see my family and my Kimmie!  And I'm so excited about all the Christmas parties coming up.  I just love giving gifts! 


J.J. said...

Dude...rough week. My kids have had indoor recess at school for a week or so now. Well...better than having them turn into little ice cubes outside when it is 2*. :)

Hope the rest of your week gets better!!!

Steph said...

Hope the kiddos can go back outside soon and that today is a better day!