Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our New Christmas Traditions

As I stated a few days ago, Anthony and I will be away from our families on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we have come up some our own traditions that we will do this year and I'm so proud of Anthony for doing his best to make me happy throughout the holidays.  You see, usually our holiday looks something like this:

Christmas Eve day:  Hanging out at my mom and dad's.
Christmas Eve night:  Dinner and presents at my dad's mom's house with ALL of his siblings and their families.  There are usually about 17 of us there.
Chrismtas Eve at midnight:  Candlelight church service with my grandmother or best friend and her family (I have to alternate).
Christmas morning:  Open Santa presents with my parents and brother. 
Christmas Day:  All of my mom's family comes over to my parents' for lunch, presents, and quality time.  They usually spend the whole day there. 
December 26:  Chrismtas with Anthony's family

But this year, here's what we are doing:

Christmas Eve:  Anthony comes home around 8, and goes back to sleep.  When we get up, open presents.
Brunch at IHOP.
Begin smoking the ham and preparing the sides.
Lupper (Lunch/Supper) just the two of us.
Looking at Christmas lights.
Watch Elf.
Christmas Day:  I think I'm taking food up to the fire station and we are all having a big lunch.  But, I'm not sure because these guys have not made any plans.
December 28:  Christmas with Anthony's Family
December 29-30:  Christmas time with my family.
December 30-January 1:  KIMMIE TIME!

So, even though it's not what I'm used too, I still have a lot to be excited about and I still get to see family.

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