Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All in 2 Days' Work

Wow...kindergarten gets pretty entertaining.  I've laughed and laughed over the funnies from the past two days.  Thought you might want to laugh.

  • Caught one of my students stuffing her shirt with toilet paper so it looked like boobs.  Really?  I don't think 6 year old boys are into boobs yet.
  • A boy came to my table and said "J's saying bad things about you."  Oh boy.  This is the same boy that said I had a big butt, even though I have NO butt.  So, I walk to his table and sit down.  I asked him what he said.  After lots of interogating I finally got it out.  I'm a doodoo head.  Yup.  A doodoo head.  I'm not real sure why I'm a doodoo head, but I am.
  • A couple of my kids were throwing their shoes in the trash.  I told them to stop that only trash goes in the trashcan.  I look over and two more boys have their shoes off and are throwing them in the trashcan.  I asked what happened and one said his shoe fell off and fell right in the trasch can.  What an amazing trick.  Instead of moving their clips, I took their shoes away.  I got out plastic sacks and told them since they thought their shoes were trash, I'd make sure they got taken out with the trash.  Yeah, I know, that was mean.  My mother told me I was a mean teacher when I told her.  I think that got the point across.  One cried for a long time.  The other refused to go to his work station and instead put his head down.  I gave their shoes back after a bit and we talked about what happened.  I don't think they will put anything but trash in the trashcan for a long time.  And I might be even meaner because I got a good laugh out of this situation too.
Oh, I'm so ready for a week off at spring break!


Anonymous said...

Loved the trash can story. I don't think you are mean at all, taught those boys a great lesson.

*kimmie* said...

Haha, you're a doodoo head for putting shoes in trash bags. =)