Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Great Weekend

This weekend has been just wonderful.  I haven't done anything spectacular but it has still be great.

Friday night, Anthony worked.  Although I love when Anthony's home, Friday nights I just like to unwind after a long week.  This Friday, I watched What Not to Wear and caught up on missed TV shows that have been DVRed.  I enjoyed eating junk for dinner.  And I crawled into bed at 10. 

Saturday, Anthony was home.  We each had a baby shower to go to.  The wives all had a traditional baby shower, while the husbands had a diaper shower with beer.  It was really nice to hang out with the wives.    After the showers, we ran some errands, ate dinner (crockpot peppered steak was amazing!) and watched the Maverick game on TV.  My kind of Saturday!

Today, Anthony's back at work.  But after today, he's off for 2 1/2 weeks!!!!  I went to church this morning with a friend and her husband.  It was nice to not have to go alone while Anthony was working.  She's the friend whose shower I went to.  She's been on bed rest for the past 7 weeks because she went into early labor 8 weeks ago.  Thankfully they were able to stop it and she is now at 37 weeks!!  It was nice to get see her and I know she's enjoyed being out of the house this weekend.  Now, I'm lounging around.  It's wonderful.  I think every now and then we can all use a lazy weekend to just relax and let our bodies take care of themselves!  And now, only 1 week until spring break!

I hope my readers had a wonderful weekend as well. 

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Brittney said...

I feel the same way after a long day. Just want to come home, unwind and relax...having the house to myself (besides the dog) is nice. (I did the same thing on Friday since Jon was working) Hope you have fun during his time off! I have to say I'm jealous - the station here is horrible about leave and it always gets taken away last minute because the manning here is bad.

Glad your weekend was great!