Monday, May 23, 2011


As I said goodbye to my 20 first grade friends for the last Monday of the school year, I did not feel the joy that I should feel for being so close to the end.  Instead, I felt defeat.  And not like I've defeated another year.  Instead, today I was defeated. 

I could just feel it all over.  This feeling of anger and frustration and heartbreak and grumpiness.  I hadn't done my best as a teacher.  Now, it's the last week of school and not much teaching is going on, but I wasn't there for my students.  I let one student and his stuburness defeat me.  I let him truly make me angry.  I never allowed him to see that I was angry, but I felt it inside and I sitll just can't let it go.

After leaving work and running errands, I went through the drive thru and picked up some nachos.  Unhealthy, fatty nachos to make my day better.  Now I lay on the couch waiting for the Bachelorette in hopes that it will help me to move on past today.  If nothing works today, atleast tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.  And if tomorrow fails too...well atleast I only have a day and a half after that!

Do you ever have days that you feel defeated?

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Erin said...

I've definitely been there. You just have to rally and get out of that slump. I'm right there with your, "Tomorrow is a new day" mentality. I always try to put that out there with the kids. Good luck, we're almost done!