Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday Cards

Wow, Christmas is just around the corner.  We're talking just over fifty days away.  Less than two months.  That means it's about time to start Christmas shopping and picking out Christmas cards. 

Two years ago, I decided I wanted send out a cute family photo card. Since then, I have found myself continuing to go back to Shutterfly to create our Christmas cards because I love them so much!  And this year will be no different.  I'm already working on this year's card with our new puppy!  The quality is great and they arrive quick.  And they sure beat a store bought generic card.  This is one of my favorites

Not only can you make your holiday cards through Shutterfly, but you can also create Christmas gifts and photo books.

I discovered Shutterfly several years ago when I needed to make a photobook.  Three years later, I still use Shutterfly for my photobooks and have quite a collection.  I also use Shutterfly to make my annual calendar for home and school and the quality is great.  You can even put people's photos on their birthdays!

Anyways, this year, Shuttefly has been so kind as to offer free holiday cards for me and for 3 lucky readers.  So...I'm hosting my first blog giveaway EVER to share the greatness. 

I'm going to make entering simple.  Send me a message and share your favorite holiday memory.  To enter a second time, publish a blog post about the giveaway and leave a comment with the link.

I will be choosing the winner on Sunday, November 13th.  The winner will recieve 25 free holiday photo cards from 


Aften said...

Congrats on your first giveaway! I love Shutterfly, I've been using them the last 2 years. My favorite holiday memory would have to be the first Christmas Beau spent with us when we were dating. He hadn't recieved presents for years and wasn't expecting any and my family gave him a ton of stuff. He was so shocked and appreciative, I'll always remember it :)

Nuge and CJ said...

This is super fun about your own giveaway!! How fun!!

My favorite Christmas memory is actually my entire childhood Christmases. We used to celebrate Christmas at Thanksgiving with my extended family, so Christmas day was always just the 4 of us. We would wake up at like 4 in the morning to open gifts and then spend the rest of the day hanging out with just us. It was a nice relaxing day and we didn't have to be anywhere or see anyone.

That's something we'll be doing with Aaron. Making Christmas day just us. No grandparents or anything. I'm excited about making our own memories.

Nuge and CJ said...

I also blogged about this. I'm afraid you won't get much traffic through my blog cause I don't have many followers, but I'll post something on Facebook too. Good luck!

Erin said...

My favorite holiday memories are a collective - my family spends Christmas in Mexico, at my grandparents' timeshare. My favorite memories are of eating nachos, enjoying the sunshine, sleeping, and more eating! It's the best way to spend the holiday!

Thanks for the opportunity!

The Knapps said...

Congrats on your first giveaway! My favorite Christmas memory was when I got my first bike...I remember screaming and freaking out :) I'm hoping this year will be make a new favorite memory since we'll have our first baby a few weeks beforehand :)

danielleaknapp at gmail dot com