Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet Rylie

Being a one dog family just wasn't for us...or Sam.  We needed another dog.  But what?  We spent several weeks discussing and researching.  Anthony wanted an English Bulldog or a French Bulldog or a Great Dane.  I wanted something cute and fluffy.  We agreed on one thing...not another Shih Tzu.  We loved Frankie but just didn't want to deal with the snoring and attitude go down that road again. 

Two weeks into the debate, Anthony finally caved.  He asked me to pick out four dogs I would like to have.  I Googled "Cute fluffy dog breeds."  I searched every breed on  And finally, I was able to choose three.  From their, he chose Rylie's breed.  The following weekend, we drove to my parents and then picked up Rylie.  We fell in love instantly!

Rylie is a Cavachon.  She is a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise.  Here hair is soft and fluffy.  She will not shed.  And, she doesn't make sounds like a seagull.  She has quite a funny personality.  She is not afraid of much, even a dog that is 22 times her size.  She fearlessly flies off the couch.  But she is gentle too.  She likes to snuggle, especially with Sam.  And she gives great puppy kisses.

Sam wasn't so sure of her at first though, and still doesn't really like her.  But, he does tollerate her.  Frankie was never very friendly to Sam, so we hope Rylie and Sam will be better friends and I think they will.  Atleast there has been no blood, so far.

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Sandra said...

What a sweet little doggie. OMG those two are just precious. Have fun with your newest furry family member :)