Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Anthony is currently in ALS.  I have read and heard many women who talk about how they hated when their husband was in ALS and was sure this wouldn't be the case for us.  I was just thrilled with the idea of Anthony being home every night, since he usually works 24 hour shifts.  But, now that we are 4 weeks into this, I'm not thinking it is so great.  In fact, I'm kind of thinking I'd rather my husband be TDY than in ALS.

First of all, there's the homework.  And LOTS of homework.  He goes to class until 3 or 4, then has organized PT, followed by his own gym time.  When he finally gets home at 6, he has atleast 2 hours of homework nightly.  That means, no conversations.  No watching my TV shows.  And no one else to take the dogs out or do chores, even though he's home.  Atleast when he is TDY, I can talk have real conversations over the phone and have the TV all to myself.

Then, there's all the cooking I have to do.  We only eat out once ever two weeks, so that leaves me cooking the other 13 nights (he eats leftovers for lunch).  When he is TDY, someone else cooks for him and he gets per diem and I can eat leftovers.

And finally, there is the graduation.  Don't get me wrong, I am very proud of him.  It's just the whole thought of this dinner has really stresses me out.  Mainly, there is the dilema of figuring out what to wear.  I don't like to be cold, but how dress semi-formal and still stay warm?  And where do I find a dress in this small town?  I found a cute 1/2 sleeve sweater dress with a cowl neck, tights and pumps.  Hopefully it will all go well together and I will be dressy enough!  Oh, the dilemas of being a woman!

Even though ALS has been a challenge for us both, I would gladly have my husband here with me than in another state or country.  Having him close by certainly outweighs all the negatives of ALS.


Christina (Army Wife) said...

Just make sure you have appropriate evening makeup and some jewelry and you will look great and be perfect for the dinner! Just remember, it's the modern Air Force, the truly stuffy traditions are mostly gone.

Relax, have fun, and enjoy your husbands (and your) accomplishment!!!

Erin said...

I'm set to do ALS next, after I finish my CDCs, but I'm doing the correspondence course. Good times! ;)