Sunday, February 6, 2011

Catching Up

I had every intention of posting my snow day pictures.  The ones I took while suffering from cabin fever.  But, I am being EXTREMELY lazy and don't want to go find the stuff to plug in my camera, so you'll have to wait.

Thankfully, Saturday brought it warm termperatures and most of the snow melted.  It's funny how 50 degrees felt warm.  I actually rolled the windows down because I was so hot.  Anthony went for a hair cut and the place was packed.  After that, we headed to the commisary.  We walked in and my first thought was to turn around and walk out.  I couldn't do that though because we were having dinner with some friends and when asked what we could bring, they said dessert, so I needed stuff to make a cake.  After darting and dodging carts, we made it through the store with the 5 things I needed.  The line for checking out was way past the area they had marked off.  I'd guess there were about 10-15 carts in line, not including the ones being checked out.  Normally there are 1 or 2 people.  Thankfully, self check was open and we were out in no time. 

Today, I picked up groceries, did some laundry, picked up a baby shower gift, and searched for button up pajamas for my grandmother.  After that, I curled up on the couch to watch the super bowl.  I looked out the window about 8 and the ground was blanketed with snow.  UGH!!!  Hopefully we can get a late start tomorrow since the roads are wet and it's supposed to freeze tonight.

As for my grandmother, she seems in great spirits.  We told her we have plans to come home.  Since she normally watches Sam and I knew that was out of the question, I told her where we'd be leaving him.  She said that wasn't okay because that person doesn't like Sam.  I said that we might leave him with a friend here then.  Nope, she didn't like that either.  She said she'd rather us not come than him have to be left somewhere.  I feel so unloved!

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