Friday, February 18, 2011


This week's weather has been BEAUTIFUL. We're talking highs in the 70s and 80s and lots of sunshine. As a school teacher, this is what I live for. My children can run and scream for 20 minutes and get all of their enregy out.

As I thought about the weather, I remembered that I'm WAY behind on blogging and never posted my pictures from the snow day week. These pictures are all from Day 4 of being trapped inside, for me anyways. Anthony had been TDY and drove home in the middle of it, even though I tried to convince him it was horrible. It was kind of a crummy week with Anthony being gone and finding out about my grandmother's cancer and then finding out it had spread, so I didn't enjoy the snow the first few days.  By the time I did take pictures, it had began to melt.  I've never been so happy to see melting snow.

Lots of romping in the snow and chasing snowballs makes for one tired dog.

 This guy was not impressed by the snow.  The only way he'd go out was if I picked him up and carried him out there and sat him by a tree.  Then I had to carry him back in.

Here are the many layers from my trips outside with Sam.

And to keep myself entertained, I watched all of last season's Grey's Anatomy and some of this season, hung out with a friend that lives in the complex (she also teaches first grade and her husband is a firefighter), and made and ate lots of food.  I made soup, grilled cheese, brownies, and these cookies.

After 4 days of snow and ice I am so grateful I live in Texas and not North Dakota.  And I'm so grateful for the beautiful weather this week!

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