Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cherry Blossom Festival-Part 1

About this time last year my brother moved up to Washington, DC and Mom read about the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Since my birthday is in April, she asked if I'd like to go for my birthday.  How could I turn that down?  So, on March 31 (sorry it has taken me almost two weeks to post) Mom and I headed to DC.

We weren't sure what to expect weather wise.  It seemed that every day we checked, we saw something different.  There was even snow forecasted for our trip.  The weather ended up being nice most of the weekend.  Though it was very chilly, there was no snow, only a few short showers and a bit of hail. 

The trip was wonderful and the cherry blossoms were BEAUTIFUL.  We spent the weekend at my brother's apartment.  We had three full days there and while we had a lot to do, we didn't have to rush.  We got moving slowly most mornings and then headed out to see sights.  In the evenings, we met up with my brother for dinner and just hung out the rest of the evening.  Spending that time with my mom and brother was great!

The blooming trees and sights gave me a great chance to really get to use my new camera.  I had so much fun playing around with it and can't wait to continue learning.  

Everywhere we went, there were cherry blossoms.  They were outside my brother's apartment, at the airport, and around all the monuments.  Each weekend they had many events planned with the festival.  We didn't participate in the events, but just seeing all the beautiful trees was worth it!

It was truly amazing how the cherry trees lined the basin.  The pictures just don't do it justice.

I loved the baby tree!

Later this week I hope to post about some of the monuments and sights that we visited and the cupcakes we ate!  


Priscilla said...

How pretty! When we were in Japan the cherry blossoms there were amazing! I LOVED spring time when they would bloom!

Brittney Galloway said...

Beautiful! I was in DC last spring and I forgot how breathtaking it was until I saw your pictures!