Friday, April 15, 2011

Cherry Blossom Festival-Part 2

We couldn't go to Washington, DC without seeing the monuments.  When told my students where I was going (and begged that they be on their best behavior while I was gone), they told me to take pictures and insisted that I go see Abraham Lincoln. 

The first day we were there, Friday, we only made it to the Capital Building and around the Capital Building.  I'm not sure we picked the best Metro station to get off at.  We did go to the Museum of American History and spent a good bit of time there (the museum pictures will follow in part 3...get excited!). 

Saturday, we started out for the Washington and Lincoln memorials and the Museum of Natural Science.  Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans.   After walking a couple blocks from the Metro station, Mom said, "I think we should just go in here (Aerospace Museum) because it looks like it's about to rain.  She was right on.  Thirty seconds later...sprinkles.  Those were followed by pouring rain.  We found protection in a little opening in the building that covered.  There were like 8 of us squished in this little 3 by 3 area.  But atleast we stayed dry!  The rain let up a bit and we did the museum thing.  Then, we headed to the monuments again.  When we started that way, more dark clouds.  We didn't make it to the Metro before it started pouring rain and hailing.  Thankfully it let up and we were able to take to the Metro to Union Station for cupcakes.   We were able to make it out for a little more walking before we called it a day.

Storm clouds coming in

Crumbs Cupcake-Chocolate Covered Strawberry

After the storm.

The sky was so pretty.

Sunday, we walked from the Washington Monument around the basin to the Jefferson Memorial and then the Lincoln Memorial. 

Mr. Lincoln and I

After leaving the Lincoln memorial, we decided to walk to the Arlington National Cemetary.  It was much further than it looked, but we made it.  I'm going to let that be a post of its own, as it was the most moving part of our trip. 

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