Monday, April 25, 2011


I'm posting...finally.  Anthony asked if I was already done blogging (as I tend to never follow through with things).  I'm not done, I just haven't really had the energy to blog lately. 

I still have two posts left on my trip to DC and one day I will get them finished.  My birthday was last weekend and I never blogged about that.  It was a wonderful birthday.  My students were great the day before my birthday.  After work, some of my friends and I went for pedicures and dinner.  Anthony surprised me Saturday with breakfast in bed and we went to dinner Saturday night for my birthday.  Nothing amazing, but a wonderful birthday that left me feeling loved.

This weekend was another pretty good weekend.  Easter morning we got up and went to the late service.  We had a wonderful Easter lunch of McDonalds (I completely for  got about buying things for an Easter meal until late in the week).  We saw our first rain in a couple months.  Then we had a huge hail storm and several tornado warnings.  I was terrified and spent most of the late afternoon sitting in the tornado closet watching the news from the doorway.  There were several reported tornados, all atleast 10 miles from where we live.  The hail, on the other hand, hit us hard.  We had atleast baseball hail, possibly softball size hail.  This picture doesn't do the hail justice, but I wasn't taking my camera, or my body, out into the weather to get better/more pictures.  You can see from this picture that there was lots of it.  It would stop and then start back up again.  Did this two or three times!

Anthony's car is beat up all over, though the glass is not broken, thankfully!  My new car got several dings.  It was under a covered parking, but my spot is on the end.  The one exposed side got quite a few hits and Im so disappointed.  I'm just ready to be done dealling with insurance and having to pay money for all these unexpected things! 

I've got my big girl panties on now and I'm moving on.  I'm grateful for the rain.  I'm grateful that we are all safe.

On to a new week! 

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