Friday, April 1, 2011

Military Life from Alpha To Zulu

Last Monday, Wife on a Roller Coaster came up with this great idea.  It looked like fun and I had some free time, so I got started on it.  Unfortunately, no matter how hard I thought (which there's not a lot of brain energy left in the evening)  some are an extreme stretch.  But anyway, here it goes...Military Life from Alpha To Zulu!

(A)lpha-Air Force
(H)otel-Housing allowance
(K)ilo-Kiss (as in alwasys kiss goodbye)
(S)ierra-Stars and Stripes
(U)niform-Uniforms, and lots of them!
(V)ictor-Very different
(X)-Ray-X-citement (that's a stretch, I know)
(Y)ankee-Your life (as in military becomes your life)

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