Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What I Learned in Kindergarten

Here's the kind of day I had.

It's okay to punch someone, as long as you tell them you are sorry right after.

When hot and cold mix, then there's a tornado.  (I thought that one was pretty smart.)

Tomorrow is Friday.  Tomorrow is also Sunday, as well as Thursday and Monday.  (Eventually we got that tomorrow really is Wednesday.  Even though we sing a days of the week song EVERY day they still don't get it.)

The library in the classroom doubles as a wrestling ring.

And, for the record, kindergarteners do not make you feel better when you are scared of storms.  I spent 15 minutes convincing them there wasn't going to be a tornado.  Then having to explain what to do if there was a tornado.  And by the way, I'm absolutely TERRIFIED of storms!


Beth Dunn said...

OMG! That sounds so cute and fun but I know your reality may be a bit different. xoxo


JG said...

Hahahaha. Yes, when hot and cold collide, tornadoes form. Smart kids. If I had to face any kind of a storm, I'd rather it be a tornado.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like these little tykes are keeping you on your toes!