Sunday, October 18, 2009

What I'm Up To

With Anthony's job, I spend one day a weekend at home by myself every weekend.  At first, this was hard, but I've grown to love my WHOLE day to myself. 

So far today, I've...
-Got new fall scented Bath and Body Works plugins.  And a "Leaves" candle.  It smells amazing.  I highly suggested getting either a candle or plugin in "Leaves."  It's kind of a cinnamon/pumpkin/fall spice scent.  I'm loving it.
-Picked up a pair of tights that Target had on sale.  They only had one pair in my size and I found it hiding among another style of tights.  I was so excited!
-Bought the ingredients for Anthony's cake.  When I wasn't working, I made some kind of sweet every week.  Now he expects it.  This week he wanted strawberry cake.
-Gone to the BX to pick up some Clinique stuff that I needed.
-Eaten delish leftover potato soup that I made when I was sick.

Now I have to...
-Make the above mentioned cake.
-Place my new plugins around the house!
-Take my boxer for a walk because Anthony is convinced that I hate the dog because I don't like to do anything with him.  He's also convinced that if I would exercise I wouldn't get sick all the time.  So, I'm knocking out two birds with one stone.
-Prepare for parent conferences this week.
-Enjoy all my favorite TV shows on ABC. 
-Slice my fruit to take in my lunches this week.  All the teachers bring fresh fruit in their lunches, and my little fruit cups just don't prepare.  So, I bought peaches, strawberries, and rasberries for the week.  I'm thinking I'll get it all ready today so I don't have to do anything to it during the week.

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