Sunday, January 17, 2010

God's Goodness

I love that feeling when you go to church and you feel like the sermon was meant just for you.  That's how it was today.  The sermon was based upon chapter 3 in Daniel.  The king had asked three Christians (I attemted to spell their names but I knew it wasn't right) to bow down to his gold structure or they would be thrown into a pit of fire.  They chose not to and were thrown into the pit.  But when the king looked down, instead of 3 men being in the pit, there were 4.  The main point of the sermon was how God doesn't promise easy times, but even when you're in the fire, he is there with you.  He will bring you through it and you will benefit from the experience.  And just because we believe, our life isn't going to be easy.  Sometimes we just need to face the fire and not run from it.

Now, I realize that my 4 months of my husband being deployed is nowhere near what it is like to be in a pit of fire, but for me, it is something that is going to be both painful and challenging.  The message today reminded me that while it may be hard, I will have God right there with me the whole way.  God will join me in my "pit of fire."  He will also be with Anthony in his "pit of fire" in the desert.  And God will bring us both through it and in the end, we will be stronger as Christians, as people, and as a couple.

Isn't God great? 


Nuge and CJ said...

That is an awesome lesson that you can apply to your matter what your fire is!!!

Jaime said...

i love the lessons God gives. And the reminders that he is ALWAYS with us!
loved this post!
*and you'll do great with the deployment. there will be bumps and it will suck, but you'll get to the end and look back and probably think "that wasn't as terrible as i had expected"
praying for you!