Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Didn't Have to Dream This Year

We had a white Christmas (2 weeks ago, I know, I'm a little behind).  As you know, I was a little sad about how we would be celebrating Christmas, but it turned out WONDERFUL!

I woke up Christmas Eve morning to Anthony insisting that I got out of bed and got dress so we could go out in the snow.  It was not even 8:00.  (He was just getting home from work).  So, I got up and put on every article of clothing I owned and he dressed the dogs so they wouldn't be cold.  Then, we headed outside.

Then, it was on to opening presents.  First the dogs, then us.  Every toy the dogs got had a hole in it by 8 that evening.  Sam managed to eat half of one of the toys (in pieces) and then vomitted it up later.  Not so fun!

After opening the gifts, we headed to Walmart to pick up a few things for our lunch and the Christmas party at the fire station the next day.  Then, it was time to start the cooking.  Anthony stood outside in the snow and smoked the most wonderful ham I've ever had.  I was so impressed.  In the warmth of my kitchen, with a beautiful view of the snow falling, I prepared the rest of the meal.  In addition to the ham we had my mom's brocolli rice casserole, greens, twiced baked potatoes and rolls.  It was amazing!


It was such a wonderful day.  I couldn't have asked for anything better.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the doggie sweaters you have. It looks like you two had a great Christmas, and that meal looked really good!

JG said...

What a fun Christmas! Glad you enjoyed the snow :)

Nuge and CJ said...

Sam just looks so funny next to Frankie!! Too sweet.