Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time to Laugh

It has been one heck of a day, and week for that matter.  But, instead of dwelling on that, I'm going to look past it and share the funny things that have been going on this week.

-One of my students raised his hand and said "He said something bad about you."  I of course asked what it was.  The whole time to other little boy is denying it.  I finally got the tattler to answer.  "He said your butt is big."  I just love how kids will say anything.  But the even funnier part is that I have absolutely NO butt.  None.  Most of the kids in my class have bigger butts than me.

-Today we got 2 1/2 inches for rain before 2 this afternoon.  We were stuck inside all day but tried to make the best of it and just have fun.  During our indoor recess one of my students comes out of the bathroom and reports that while he is sitting on the toilet he got wet.  I got a little concerned about this.  I wasn't sure what happened.  So I started asking question.  Come to find out, I have a leak right above the toilet in our room.  So, if my kids need to go to the bathroom, they have to put up with getting dripped on.

-While having indoor recess, I let my kids play with the random things I have in my room.  One of those things is a box of animals like elephants, zebras and alligators.  I refer to them as zoo animals for some reason.  So, today, I hear my kids get in a big fight that ends with "I'm telling."  I go to investigate.  They were fighting because one said they were zoo animals and the other said they were wild animals.  So, we had to have a lesson on animals.

-We learned about Uncle Sam.  My kids called him Uncle Frank.

-When I asked my kids what country we lived in (after days of talking about it) they still answer "Texas."

This is what makes crazy days like today all better!

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AF Recruiters Wife said...

you make me smile... after subbing for a pe teacher who had kindergardeners... I now 'deny' any subbing positions in a kinder class room! You're my hero!!