Sunday, May 23, 2010

God is Good

Today was a very hard day.  You see, since Anthony left, I've had Mom here to keep me company.  But she had to return to work.  Saying goodbye was hard.  Being alone was even harder.

Thankfully it was Sunday though, and I knew just the place to go.  I called up a girl I know that goes to the church I go to and asked her to save me a spot so I wouldn't be alone.  Church was hard, but good.  I shed a lot of tears and did a lot of praying.  I left church feeling renewed.  And with plans for the evening. 

After church, I cleaned my car (washed, vacuumed, wiped it down, and cleaned the windows), dug up and potted a lilly that popped up in my flower bed, and spent a few minutes talking to Anthony.  In other words, I kept as busy as possible.  Before I knew it, it was time to meet up with my friend, Emily.

EMily's birthday was Friday, and her friends and family were celebrating today.  We went to watch Letters to Julliet, which I highly recommend.  Then we headed to Olive Garden.  I had an amazing time getting to know all these wonderful women.  Emily's mom said that I was welcome to come over anytime.

I am truely amazed at the support system God has provided and continues to provide.  I asked this morning to be surrounded by His love and tonight, I see that I am.

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AF Recruiters Wife said...

Glad you found some peace. I know that it's always hardest to go to chuch without Pave, simply becuase that was where we re-built our marriage, and it feels wrong without him there. I hope you have a steller week! *hugs* How much longer are you all in school? We are out June 2nd... I don't know who is more excited, the kids or me!