Friday, May 21, 2010

Staying Busy

Let me begin by saying this.  All of you that told me the anticipation was worse than saying goodbye were so right.  I was a wreck.  Now, it wasn't easy saying goodbye, but I felt better than I felt the days leading up to him leaving.  Yesterday (the day he left) was kind of tough and I found my self in tears a few times, but not the big tears like I had before he left. 

Today, I've kept busy all day.  As a matter of fact, this is the first time I've sat down and relaxed all day.  And it's 9:30.  I worked all day and it really helped keep my mind off things.  I work with wonderful people who love me and make things so much easier.  After work, Mom and I went for a pedicure.  After that, we headed to Cold Stone for some ice cream.  Then we headed to the mall for some retail therapy.  Before we knew it, it was 8.  We grabbed dinner at Quiznos then ran to Kohls.  And finally we are home.

I was very lucky that while we were at the mall, I heard from Anthony.  We both signed up for AIM and there's an app for my phone.  So, he can send me a message and I automatically get a message!  He then got a phone number through skype and I was able to call him.  Oh how I love technology!

I am also very lucky to have my mom here with me until Sunday.  She is making it much easier because I'm not alone.  I have such a wonderful mom!

My new shirt I bought while shopping with Mom.

My pretty painted toes!


Priscilla said...

Staying and keeping busy is the key! Yesterday was tough for me too. I found myself tearing up at certain times throughout the day. Today is much better though! I am jealous of all your shopping, I looooove to shop :)

AF Recruiters Wife said...

sounds like you've done well so far! It's amazing how Mom's seem to make anything better.

d.a.r. said...

I'm glad you are staying busy and have people around you to take care of you!